Common Issues

This part of the website is dedicated to some of the common issues, which arise in a co-parenting relationship.

Think of it as most of the answers to your frequently asked questions!

  • Arrangements The what, where, why how and when of a division of a child’s time. Common patterns that are used repeatedly and how they work.
  • School Holidays, Christmas and Special Occasions What typically happens on special occasions, in the holidays and Christmas? We explore the most common agreements parents reach.
  • Names, New Partners, Step Siblings and Blended Families It’s not easy when life moves on for one party. We explore what the consequences of that might be and what the common pitfalls of the modern and blended family are.
  • Parenting Styles Sometimes you and your co-parent are not in agreement on every detail. What are the nitty gritty details and how do co-parents move past them and accept the other parent does things differently?
  • Grandparents Increasingly grandparents play an important role in children’s everyday lives as well as on special occasions. What are their rights and how are they viewed?
  • International Travel and Relocation Moving abroad and going on holiday can cause problems. What does the law say on these topics and how are they resolved?
  • School Choices Education is at the heart of the decisions parents make. But what if they cannot agree?