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This website is designed to be a source of information and helpful tips about how to manage the minefield of co-parenting. It has been written by the expert family lawyers and mediators at Burgess Mee Family Law who are used to dealing with co-parenting issues in their daily advice and guidance to clients. So, whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a split or just looking for advice on how to improve your relationship with the other parent, you have come to the right place!

At the top of this page you’ll find quick links to the key parts of the site.

For a quick guide to co-parenting, why not have a look at the Co-Parenting page where we set out all the basic information you’ll need about The Law and a wide range of Common Issues that occur as well as our Top Ten Tips for a successful co-parenting relationship.

If it’s real life examples you’re after, you might need to Ask Sheila Turner, our agony aunt, with her pearls of wisdom for parents who are struggling.

If you want to deep dive into a specific topic, we can introduce you to one of our friendly experts, on the Meet the Experts page where we talk to a range of professionals with all the experience you need to make a successful change.

Finally, if you’re someone looking for some bite size learning, have a look at the Learning Zone. You can train yourself to change the way you approach your parenting with our quick, practical exercises.

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