The perfect life

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No parent is perfect and we are fed a diet of perfection on social media and that can really damage self esteem.

It can be so tempting to lose yourself in the images we are deluged with as parents of happy, laughing well adjusted children being thrown in the air. But being a parent isn’t easy and parenting solo is even tougher.

Cut yourself some slack and give yourself some credit with a Gratitude List!

Make a list of five things you’ve done for your kids that are positive and be proud and thankful for those achievements. Everything from helping them with their homework to playing a game with them or reading a story with them every night.

Now resolve to add that one thing you think your kid would really love, and next time you’re tempted to scroll through the vortex of Facebook or Instagram, why not turn that phone off and do that one thing you resolve to do?

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